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Hand Campaign

Hands Campaign

childernNext time you’re driving, remember just one handprint-sized area of tread is all that’s connecting each of your tyres to the road. The lives of you and everyone you care about rely on those four handprints.

Bridgestone goes to such great lengths because we are committed to your safety. When it comes to protecting you on the road, all of the research and development we undertake is to ensure that you’re in the safest hands possible. Whether it’s high performance technology, durability or all round comfort, there’s a Bridgestone tyre to keep you safe wherever you’re going.

You may not know it, but when you’re driving, there’s the equivalent of only one handprint of tread connecting each of your tyres to the road. That’s just four areas of tread, the size of your hand, controlling thousands of kilograms of machinery at great speed in all kinds of conditions.

That same handprint that protects you and your family also has the power to protect the world we live in – Bridgestone has developed tyres with lower rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions. This responsibility to the environment we all share is part of our commitment to making the world a safer and greener place for your family, today and into the future.